CBSE Date Sheet 2018

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CBSE date sheet stands for the examination timetable along with the timings. This date sheet is available for both class 12th and class 10th. The CBSE date sheet for both the classes and endeavours to clarify all doubts and queries which may arise in your minds, regarding the CBSE date sheet for 2018.

CBSE 12th Date Sheet 2018 :

The date sheet for CBSE class 12 for the year 2018 will be released either by the end of this year or early next year. CBSE class 12th examinations are always held in the month of March and the results are announced in the month of May. Students can view the time table here once it gets published. This date sheet gives the subject-wise exam schedule for the CBSE 12th board examinations. And also mentions the times during which the exam will be conducted and also the period of the examination.

Furthermore, the class 12th CBSE date sheet will also carry basic instructions which the students have to follow. For class 12th, time table are announced for both the main examination and the class 12th compartment examinations. Compartment exams are held for those students who have failed to clear just 1 or 2 subjects of their entire 12th std syllabus.

Class 12th date sheet of 2018 will be of utmost importance for every student who plans to enrol and appear in the board exams of 2018. It will also be of significance for all those who appear for their compartment exams in 2018.

CBSE 10th Date Sheet 2018 :

The CBSE class 10th date sheet for the next academic year, i.e., 2018 will be released at the last quarter of this year or early next year. For class 10th, the CBSE date sheets will contain the examination schedule, the duration of the exam, and the timings. The class 10th time table are given out for both the main board exam and the compartment exams. Class 10th examinations will be held during the month of March and the results will be announced in the month of May, more towards the end of the month. Class 10th compartment exams are usually held for those candidates who have failed to get the stipulated minimum marks in one or two of the subjects, while they have cleared the other subjects.

CBSE 10th date sheet of 2018 will carry not only the examination schedule but also the basic instructions which a candidate has to follow. It is prudent if the students go through the instructions as not knowing a detail may prove costly during the board examinations.

This particular sheet will play a vital role in the lives of every student who is affiliated to the CBSE board and who plans to appear for the board exam next academic year. Apart from being the first message board of time table information, the CBSE portal also facilitates comments and exchanges of ideas. The portal gets updated frequently and it makes sense if students view the portal once a while to see what’s new and what CBSE has in store for them.

CBSE date sheet of 2018 will play a major role in every CBSE student who will be giving the board examinations next year. Given the fact that rules and regulations get changed frequently, it would be wise for students to check the website for information. The website is also a medium for them to connect with CBSE officials and seek clarifications. The date sheet is an important document which provides the student with the exam information at a glance. Since it is exhaustive, it may take a while to sift through and find the subject that you are looking for. It will however serve you well as the entire information has been compiled on a single document!